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Innovega's smart contact lenses and glasses provided 9 legally blind patients with 20/20 vision.

Results from Independent Testing of Visually Impaired Patients

Innovega's smart contact lenses and glasses provided 9 visually impaired patients with 20/20 vision

In 2019, The Ohio State University tested a group of nine visually impaired including legally blind subjects who wore Innovega's smart contact lenses and glasses and viewed a magnified display of their surroundings. The subjects ranged from age 26-76 with a range of causes of vision loss that included albinism, Stargardt disease, myopic degeneration, histoplasmosis, optic and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Distance Acuity
Near Acuity
Reading Speed
Reading Distance
Average Best Spectacle Correction
Average with Patients' Habitual Aids
Average with Innovega Lenses and Glasses
Normal 16"
Casey Tegreene

Advisor and Chief Technology Strategist

One of four Americans to be listed on more patents than Thomas Edision, recently joined the Innovega team, stating:
"I am delighted to join such a well-respected team and offer my skills and experience to commercialize smart contact lenses and glasses for a market of millions." 

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Reasons to Invest

Multiple Exits

Pioneers of Smart Contact Lenses and Glasses Innovations

40 Patent Filings

Substantial Portfolio of US and International Filings

Smart Contact Lenses

Enable Greater Display Experiences

Market Forecast

$67 Billion by 2024

Final Phase of FDA

Commencing 510(k) and De Novo Trials


$6 Million DARPA and Government Contracts

Product Trials

Commercial Product Beta Trials Forecast for Late 2021

$10 Million

Received from Strategic and Other Investors

Innovega’s Eyewear System

Patented smart contact lenses and glasses technology
Designed to eliminate eye strain and headaches
Lightweight and stylish
High-efficiency OLED screens
Unobstructed, panoramic field of view
Integrated vision correction
VR/AR/MR configurations
Novel eye tracking

Key Market Opportunities

Visually Impaired Including Legally Blind

Patients require magnification of surroundings that extends far beyond what prescription lenses alone provide.
Solution and Global Addressable Market
Digital magnification delivered from display eyewear could deliver lifestyle improvement to some portion of the world's 120 million visually impaired. The global assisted technologies market is expected to grow to USD 6.57 billion by 2025.*
* Fior Markets: Global Assistive Technologies for Visually Impaired Market by Product, End User, Region, Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 to 2025, January 2019

Other AR/VR Markets

Useful and exciting panoramic, high-resolution experiences presently require bulky headsets and goggles
Current AR/VR eyewear requires bulky headsets or goggles to provide panoramic, high-resolution experiences.
Solution and Global Addressable Market
Subject to availability of lightweight, smart glasses, Digi-Capital forecasts AR/VR global market to grow from over $13 billion in 2020 to more than $67 billion by 2024* and with an installed base of tens of millions of wearers.
* Venture Beat; The AR/VR ecosystem - Are we there yet?; August 1, 2020

Markets Poised for Rapid Growth


CAGR 2019-2024

  • Market growth attributed to increasing adoption of Head Mounted Display (HMD) units
  • APAC market expected to lead the growth as demand for HMD increases

Visually Impaired Including Legally Blind

  • Visually impaired including legally blind patients in the United States (US):
    5,000,000 patients
  • Target US market:
    350,000 patients
  • Target global market:
    1,000,000 patients


  • Apple, Google, Microsoft investing heavily to ensure integrated cloud and related ecosystems
  • The sector is seeing more commitment from tech leaders to integrate AR/VR technologies into their current ecosystems

Portfolio of 40 Patent Cases & in the Final Phase of FDA Trials

Innovega is laying the groundwork to collaborate with partners to deliver its Generation IV smart contact lenses and glasses technology to consumers, patients and workers.

Final Phase of FDA Trials

Decades of experience in launching, scaling and selling innovative products and the companies that developed them

Management Team

Steve Willey, MASc, MBA

Co-founder, Director, CEO

Former co-founder and president of NASDAQ-listed MicroVision International Inc., founding board member of listed companies Lumera and eDispatch; former CEO of telematics pioneer AirIQ; former innovator in fields of cellular technology, navigation, video gaming, with exits to global OEMs, that included Motorola and others.
Jerome A. Legerton, OD, MS, MBA

Co-founder, Director, Chief Clinical Officer

Former managing director of the largest multi-specialty optometric practice in California; served as the Director of Clinical Research for Pilkington Barnes Hind and as Vice President, Advanced Technology and Market Development for Paragon Vision Sciences; the co-founder and lead inventor for SynergEyes Inc. and served as SynergEyes Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President.
Jay Marsh, MSME

Vice President, Engineering

Former Vice President Engineering, Advanced Projects Research, developing technologies related to laser based and optical diagnostics for combustion research, unsteady combustion propulsion systems, Li-Ion battery energy management and wind tunnel related systems.

Independent Directors

Shane Kim

Video Game and Entertainment Software Industry

Former leader at Microsoft in the Xbox business leading Microsoft Game Studios; publisher of leading industry franchises, Halo and Age of Empires; Interim Chief Executive Officer of GameStop, world’s leading video game and entertainment software retailer.
Jeff Bradley

Smart Device and Network Services Industry

Strategic advisor to Globys Inc.; a Board Member, United Way of King County; former AT&T executive for its smart device portfolio, network services marketing, and 3rd party developer program; ended career with responsibility for AT&T’s west region retail sales and distribution.

Business Advisors

Phil Molyneux

Consumer Electronics Industry

  • CEO, Sony North America
  • President, Dyson Americas
Joe Donahoe

Vision / Medical Technology Industry

  • President, Carl Zeiss Vision
  • President, Carl Zeiss Meditec Americas
Joe Sicari

Contact Lens Industry

  • President and CEO,
    Paragon Vision Sciences,
    acquired by CooperVision
Brian Kelleher

Investment and Medical Technology Industry

  • Managing Partner,Tigris Ventures
  • Co-founder, Chairman,
    Tear Film Innovations,
    acquired by Alcon
Robert Simmonds

Mobile Communications Industry

  • Chairman, Lenbrook Companies
  • Chairman, Clearnet Communications Inc
  • Board Director, Bell Canada
Dan Spira

Healthcare Industry

  • CEO, iNova Pharmaceuticals
  • VP, Bausch Health North America
  • VP, Johnson & Johnson Pacific
Joe Hogan

Mobile Technology Industry

  • Founder and CTO, Openet Telecom Group
  • Architect, Sun Microsystems
Ken Blakeslee

Mobile Technology Industry

  • Chairman, Web Mobility Ventures
  • VP, Nortel Networks
Walter J. Lack


  • Founder and Managing Partner, Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack
Avram Miller

Corporate and Business Development

  • Founder, Intel Capital
  • VP, Intel Corporation
Vijay Raghavan

Corporate Finance, Accounting, M&A

  • CFO, AGC Biologics
  • Director Financial Planning,
    Cray Inc

Clinical and Technical Advisors

Joseph T. Barr


Former Global VP for Clinical and Medical Affairs, Bausch & Lomb; Emeritus Professor, The Ohio State University
Richard Lindstrom


Founder and Attending Surgeon Minnesota Eye Consultants; ophthalmology expert in medical devices and corneal and cataract surgery
Mark Bullimore


Former FDA Ophthalmic Device Panel Member; FDA expert on vision assessment
Jim Schwiegerling


Professor, University of Arizona, College of Optical Sciences
Steve Schallhorn


Ophthalmology expert in medical devices and corneal and cataract surgery; founded the Department of Defense refractive surgery program; Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of California San Francisco
William Gleason


Founder and CEO, Foresight Regulatory Strategies, Inc; most experienced Contract Research Organization for contact lenses in North America
Richard Lippman


Regulatory Consultant; 10 years head of the Ophthalmic Device Division of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Brian Chou


Specialty contact lens expert; fellowship training at Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA School of Medicine, in the Cornea and External Disease Division. Advisory board member for the GP Lens Institute

Join Steve Willey, CEO and Co-Founder of Innovega, for a live investor webinar!

During this webinar, Steve will focus on the ground-breaking technology that led to Innovega’s smart contact lenses and matching display glasses that are backed by more than 40 patent filings, $6M in DARPA and government contracts, and is in the final phase of FDA approval. Join us to discuss our eyewear system and discuss the company’s investment opportunity. Innovega's eyewear restores patient independence and freedom based on their new ability to achieve 20/20 vision.

Date: Tuesday, August 17th
Time: 1:00 PM PST

There are a limited number of reservations available for this webinar -- reserve your spot today.


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